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GEC2 is a Smart VAR because:

Owners & Facility Managers Like SmartCSM

  • Reduces maintenance & construction costs & accidents
  • Reduces redundancy and labor costs
  • Better OSHA workplace standards compliance
  • Safer work environment
  • Less costly, unintentional work stoppages
  • Easier online record keeping

SmartCSM Benefits

  • Prevent accidental shutdowns of critical electrical systems
  • Better accountability, risk management and accident prevention
  • Less costly routine maintenance, renovations and repairs
  • Faster project approvals
  • Stronger vendor/customer relationships

More Benefits

  • Reduce labor costs by 15%
  • Reduces redundant work, man hours and cost, better accountability, risk management and management prevention
  • Less costly routine maintenance and repairs
  • Digital as-build gives everyone in the field a chance to view the latest data and make changes to it
  • Provides for excellent knowledge transfer when facility manager leaves or multiple electricians are working on the panels
  • Avoid catastrophic shut downs and notify who those affected before shutting down

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SmartCSM was built for electricians by electricians.  The software makes buildings smarter by empowering facility managers to bring and manage their electrical infrastructure online of commercial buildings.  The software allows building owners and facility managers to eliminate redundancy, increase accountability and reduce labor cost.

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