"I’ve worked with GEC2 for over 8 years at LAX on multiple projects.  I always recommend GEC2 to my clients and continue to make sure they are on the bid lists for the following reasons:

- The owner is personally involved in all facets

- They are a high performing disadvantaged business

- The are typically the most cost effective from their competition

- They have great relationships with the shutdown control center and LAWA facilities"


Lauren Weinbaum

Construction Manager

Delta | LAX T2/T3 Modernization Program


“work was done in a safe, efficient manner and completed on schedule., SEI Group was pleased with GEC2’s performance, would use GEC2 again and recommend them for commercial and industrial maintenance and construction.”

Edward Coates, PE

SEI Group Site Construction Manager

Certified Greatness

  • Certified Clark Strategic Partnership Program Construction Management
  • Certified Turner School of Construction Management
  • Certified Skanska School of Construction Management
  • Tuck School of Business